Our expertise is in the understanding of deviant and dangerous behaviour, its psychological assessment, the identification of risks related to an individual, and the development of strategies to manage these risks effectively or solve the given case. The services can be used at an early stage, in order to prevent further escalation or unsuccessful and costly risk management intervention. We can also be called in later when court proceedings or professional psychological help for the employee is considered.

Psychological Integrity Screening

Much legitimate concern has focused on the risk that employees or people with sensitive positions or authorised access can pose to a corporation. Incidents such as fraud, embezzlement, serious misconduct and violence in the workplace have indicated clearly that in-depth screening is of increasing importance. We support organisations in filtering potentially dangerous or high-risk individuals by conducting behavioural oriented integrity evaluations.

Going beyond the background check

The value of background screening is limited. Personal and professional history is only current up until the time the most recent check is completed. It provides no ongoing information and nothing about the current situation of the individual. The person who conducts the background check is often left with an impression of the kind of person they feel or think the individual is. He or she is usually unable to connect behavioural information with data gathered from a background investigation. The client consequently lacks information about how this senior manager or new employee might respond to work related problems, emotional pressures in his or her personal life or to temptation. Our specialists focus on addressing these issues.

Personality and misconduct

Personal problems, the working environment, personality structure and the way individuals deal with difficulties in life play a crucial role in the occurrence of misconduct in the workplace. The value placed on understanding this aspect is underestimated and this topic rarely receives significant attention during routine screening and checks.

The psychological assessment

Background checks should be combined with a professional, structured psychological assessment. This assessment includes personality-based psychological testing, and an interview with the applicant.

The service

Behavioural evaluation gives the client an understanding of the circumstances in which the risk of unwanted behaviour will increase. Potential risks associated with an employee are outlined and a strategic plan on how to identify these risks and deal with the employee at an early stage is provided.