Our expertise is in the understanding of deviant and dangerous behaviour, its psychological assessment, the identification of risks related to an individual, and the development of strategies to manage these risks effectively or solve the given case. The services can be used at an early stage, in order to prevent further escalation or unsuccessful and costly risk management intervention. We can also be called in later when court proceedings or professional psychological help for the employee is considered.

Threat Assessment and Risk Management

Threatening behaviour can occur within an organisation, for example an employee expressing thoughts of harming a managers, or continuously harassing and stalking a colleague. Threats or disturbing communications can also come from outside the organisation, from former employees, clients or mentally ill individuals. Threats are sometimes anonymous. Police and security agencies, together with corporations, businesses, universities and schools are, from time to time, confronted by individuals who behave or communicate in such a way that it causes fear and concern. Not only can they find it difficult to understand the motivation of the instigator, but they will also undoubtedly feel very uncertain about how this situation might subsequently unfold and what exactly the future risks are.

Unwanted behaviour

Workers or customers may act in concerning or abnormal ways and might exhibit signs of dangerous approach behaviour. Incidents such as threats, stalking, bullying and false allegations cause victims to feel serious distress, fear and anxiety. The negative effects of such incidents can spread to workplace colleagues or bystanders. Managers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees and visitors. They need to be aware of the indicators of threatening or disturbing behaviour. With this knowledge they will be better placed to be able to respond to conduct that may adversely affect the security of employees or the company.


Harassed people typically feel unsafe and unprotected. Victims report that they are often scared to go to work, leaving them unable to continue their normal daily activities and perform well professionally. This can seriously impact the financial health of any business or department. The emotional costs arising from fear, conflict or anxiety are often plain to see. It is, however, the consequent burden of financial cost that is often underestimated.

Public figure threat assessment

Political figures, celebrities, wealthy and influential families as well as other people in the public eye face a higher risk of being victimised by threats and stalking. Their public appearance and influence can draw the attention of hostile or mentally ill individuals. Such attention rarely manifests itself in physical attack, but the end result is often distress and fear of what will happen next, especially when the individual exhibiting the disturbing behaviour is in close proximity or anonymous. Victims find it difficult to carry on with work and private life in a normal, comfortable and professional way. Often the first response is to implement hard security measures - costly, usually not necessary and not based on a sound understanding of the underlying dynamics and motivations behind the threat. Psychological assessment of the situation offers a much broader range of possibilities to manage potential risks effectively. When the identified risk factors actually support the need for physical protection, experienced experts will discuss the options with the victim and implement tailor-made safety and protection measures.

Communicated threats

Threats communicated through letters, e-mail or social media, especially when they are anonymous or have bizarre content, create profound anxiety for the individual victim or organisation. All communicated threats or strange communications should be initially taken seriously and be professionally assessed, because the instigator may well act subsequent to his or her threat. We are able to do an accurate assessment of the probability of future violence. We identify the possible risk and protective factors which help guide professionals to react appropriately in creating peace of mind and, if necessary, advise protective measures.

The service

We provide a service for clients who are unsure of exactly what threatening individuals might do and what the likelihood is that an unwanted incident will take place. Clients are concerned about how bad the consequences might be, when will they arise, how often will they recur and how long will they last. It is our goal to identify warning signs at an early stage and address problematic behaviour before more serious incidents occur. We understand our clients need to carry on their day-to-day lives with minimal protection, minimal costs and a feeling of safety. Our assessments and risk management strategies are state of the art, behaviourally based and supported with extensive practical case experience. We believe our service will inevitably provide for a better, happier and consequently more cost-effective workforce for our clients.