About us

With our longstanding experience, expertise and an international network of professionals in the field of investigative psychology, threat assessment and risk management, it is our goal to identify warning signs at an early stage and address problematic behaviour before more serious incidents occur. Our mission is to contribute to a safe and secure working environment, peace of mind and professional solving of violent crime. We are located in The Netherlands, but work internationally.

Fundamental to our approach is a trustworthy and flexible customer service, characterised by respect for the client’s personal privacy and circumstances. We understand our clients need to carry on their day-to-day lives with minimal protection and a feeling of safety. We acknowledge that companies want to protect their employees and their good name, and prevent unnecessary costs by
implementing expensive security measures based on unprofessional assessments. In short, they need state of the art judgements, tailor-made interventions, and when necessary expert protection and physical safety measures. It is our business to support a proper and efficient investigation, to prevent unwanted incidents from occurring and to protect people from harm. With our expertise and experience we identify dangers of escalation at an early stage, assess them correctly and manage potential risks. High professional values and ethical standards are core principles of our daily work.

Our services and expert training courses are provided internationally to corporations as well as semi-government and government organisations, such as municipalities, women’s shelters, schools, the police, judges and prosecutors.