Our expertise is in the understanding of deviant and dangerous behaviour, its psychological assessment, the identification of risks related to an individual, and the development of strategies to manage these risks effectively or solve the given case. The services can be used at an early stage, in order to prevent further escalation or unsuccessful and costly risk management intervention. We can also be called in later when court proceedings or professional psychological help for the employee is considered.

Offender Profiling

The unknown offender

When the identity of the offender is unknown, agencies with an investigative task increasingly implement psychological offender profiling in their investigation. This enhanced advice is a source of expertise assisting police investigators and prosecutors alike with their decision-making.

Crime scene assessment

Psychological analysis involves a detailed crime scene assessment and behavioural analysis of the actions of the offender in an offence. Hypotheses are generated and prioritised. Possible scenarios of what happened are explored and suggestions are made for finding missing information with a view to finding the offender. After creating an offender profile, we further assist in the systematic prioritisation of persons of interest.

Offender characteristics

Consideration is given to what is known to police about the ‘actions’ in a crime - where, when and how the crime was committed - in order to make inferences about how these may relate to the possible ‘characteristics’ of the offender. This can assist the investigators in gaining a better understanding of the individual likely to have committed the offence and becomes part of the toolkit to help direct resources in the investigation.

Offence linkage

Where no forensic links, such as DNA, between offences are available, we may also be able to provide an indication in relation to offence linkage. The likelihood of one or more offenders being responsible for a series of crimes is considered on the basis of the behavioural pattern exhibited.

Unsolved cases

An investigative psychological analysis of a complete case file, including crime scene photographs, the autopsy, other forensic reports and witness statements, provides helpful information about the motivation of the offender, his or her personality features and probable criminal and social history. Any additional advice about the most likely crime scenario or the background of the offender provides new insight into the crime and can significantly contribute in supporting investigators and legal prosecutors to finally identify the offender.

The service

The ultimate goal of our expert advice is to assist detectives and prosecutors by supporting their investigations with behavioural expertise to both solve and prevent serious violent crime.